Just one person taking action can inspire others to do the same.
~Leslie C. Aguilar

Priscilla Sheridan- Founder/Editor & Chief

Our mission is a simple one: To provide our community with resources, ideas and information that will guide each of us in making greener choices for ourselves, and our family. We realize that individuals will visit Who’s Green for different reasons. Our hope is that we can provide the resources to ensure that each of us can make a difference in our own, personal way.

Who’s Green? reaches thousands of consumers who are mindful of our community and who are looking for products and services that align their values with their personal buying decisions.



Brock Sheridan- Social Media Director/Blogging Contributor

Brock, the social media director for Who’s Green?, is also a freelance writer and blogger with more than 25 years of experience in sports marketing, publishing and television production. He and his wife Sue live in Arlington, Texas and enjoy traveling, as well as the local festivals, museums, art and antiques of the southwest. Other than the environment, energy and a long interest in being green, Brock is also passionate about Thoroughbred horse racing, on which he writes and blogs extensively, as well as cooking and healthy eating.