Green Your Pad: College Style

One great way to get ready for campus life is by creating a more eco friendly dorm or apartment. The college student’s lifestyle can often result in a lot of waste, so finding simple ways to recycle and conserve can go a long way towards improving our environment. Below is a list of tips to… Continue reading »


Outdoor Living. Sustainable Solutions. Realm™ is NOT a run-of-the-mill landscaping company. We prefer to think of ourselves as a hospitality company who uses landscape design as a vehicle to encourage people to redefine the way they think about their outdoor living spaces.  Realm is a term for your kingdom, your domain, but we must not… Continue reading »

Watershed Management Group

Watershed Management Group is a Tucson-based non-profit with the mission to improve people’s lives by integrating community development and conservation. We provide people with the knowledge and skills necessary to sustainably manage their natural resources. Our work includes: increasing vegetation in neighborhoods through stormwater harvesting, making conservation technologies affordable, using rainwater and greywater to irrigate… Continue reading »