Natural vs. Organic

Are Natural and Organic foods the same? No. The term “natural” is not regulated except for meat and poultry. It applies broadly to foods that are minimally processed and free of synthetic preservatives; artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors and other artificial additives; hydrogenated oils; stabilizers; and emulsifiers. Most foods labeled natural are not subject to government… Continue reading »

Farm Fresh Eggs Without The Farm!

Recently we made a trip to my neighborhood grocery store in search for organic eggs. To our surprise, the price of a carton of organic eggs was a whopping $4.99- and they had been shipped from another state. I had heard about raising your own chickens. A chicken coop the backyard? Of course! It can… Continue reading »

Ole’ Organic Guacamole

Ingredients 4 organic or regular avocados 1/4 teaspoon salt (season to liking ) 1 finely diced jalapeno 1/2 lime 1/4 cup of finely dice red onion   3 tablespoons finely diced fresh cilantro 1/4 finely diced tomato   Directions 1.    Empty the avocados into bowl you and easily mix in 2.    Add salt 3.    Squeeze… Continue reading »

Pistachio Isn’t The Only Green Ice Cream!

Selling ice cream in Tucson, Arizona does not sound like such a creative idea. According to the Weather Channel website, the average high temperature in June is 100° and 101° in July before it cools down to an average high of 99° in August. In the famously arid climate of the Sonoran Dessert, there are… Continue reading »

Organic Salsa

Maybe you can’t make your entire menu an organic one, but we found this organic salsa recipe that is terrific. Ingredients: 4 med-large ripe organic tomatoes. 2 organic Jalapeno peppers (less for milder salsa and/or slice in half and de-seed for mild salsa) 1/2 organic yellow onion. Handful of organic cilantro. 1 organic vegetarian bullion… Continue reading »

Native Seeds SEARCH

Native Seeds/SEARCH (NS/S) is a Tucson-based non-profit organization working to conserve, distribute and document the adapted and diverse varieties of agricultural seeds, their wild relatives and the role these seeds play in cultures of the American Southwest and northwest Mexico. For over 25 years, NS/S has preserved and promoted the rich legacy of agricultural biodiversity… Continue reading »

Healthy Eating Tid-Bit

We know. You resolved this year to take better care of yourself, (we did too). You told yourself you were going to eat healthier foods and put the fork down sooner.  Oh, and you were going to be greener while doing it, (no pressure there). Most likely you ran to the obvious first choice, nibbling… Continue reading »