Kick-Off the School Year with Cool Kid-Snacks

By Alana Sugar- Whole Foods Market Blog Psst…. these are great for adults too. It’s back-to-school time! Early mornings, hectic schedules, piles of homework and after-school munchies are all on the menu! Let’s face it: Kids function better with a healthy balanced diet, so I say let’s kick off the school year with a healthy… Continue reading »

Do You Know What’s In This Cupcake?

Whole Foods Challenge~ “Let’s Retake Our Plate’s!” Courtesy of Whole Foods Can you identify all of the ingredients in your favorite cupcake? What do you know about the beef cattle that your burger came from? Is that salmon fillet from a wild-caught fish or farm-raised — and what does that mean for the planet? What… Continue reading »

Buying Organic Food

Buying Organic Food Years ago, the only way to buy organic food was to go to a farmer’s market or a specialty store, but today there are many more options. Whole Foods, for example, now has 194 stores nationwide, and there are more than 250 Trader Joe’s locations — both great places to find lots… Continue reading »