Repel Pests, Keep Friends

Even the best-planned healthiest garden will attract pests. Bugs, slugs, and other creepy – crawlies like the tasty lettuce leaf or tomato just as much as humans do. But if you are gardening to provide food for your table, you won’t want to use toxic chemicals to deter invaders. There are lots of nontoxic and… Continue reading »

Controlling Ants Naturally!

Let’s face it… Ants are pests, indoors and out. They can ruin a picnic, damage wood support beams and protect the pesky aphid in your garden. Fortunately, they’re easy to control, once you learn their habits, hiding places and favorite foods. Ants are attracted to different foods (sugar, proteins, wood, etc.). Carpenter ants, the most… Continue reading »

Pest Control Tips for 2013

Going green is about more than saving energy or reusing grocery bags at the supermarket. It’s also about keeping your family, home and the environment healthy. When it comes to insects and rodents, many homeowners are quick to reach for the most potent poisons on the market. Natural pest control, however, is a safer method… Continue reading »

University Pest Control Inc.

University Termite and Pest Control Inc. servicing all of Arizona is a Quality Pro Green certified company by the National Pest Management Assc. The first company in Arizona to be green certified. 520-886-4146 800-887-4146

Organic Solutions for Home, Garden & Professional Agriculture

ARBICO ARBICO produces & sells products for organic home gardeners and farms, including beneficial insects and organisms. We offer Fly Eliminators, Holistic Fly Guard, Milky Spore, Semaspore, beneficial nematodes, ladybugs & praying mantids. Find environmentally friendly fly and mosquito control, and OMRI-listed gardening products – pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, fertilizers – in our on-line store. ARBICO… Continue reading »