Controlling Ants Naturally!

Let’s face it… Ants are pests, indoors and out. They can ruin a picnic, damage wood support beams and protect the pesky aphid in your garden. Fortunately, they’re easy to control, once you learn their habits, hiding places and favorite foods. Ants are attracted to different foods (sugar, proteins, wood, etc.). Carpenter ants, the most… Continue reading »

Mission: Spring Clean Your Home Green

We have compiled a list of the 8 staples that every home should have in order to begin cleaning your home the non-toxic way. 1.    Lemon Juice 2.    White Vinegar 3.    Borax (sodium borate) 4.    Washing soda (A.K.A. soda ash, sodium carbonate) 5.    Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) 6.    Dry Salt 7.    Sodium percarbonate and hydrogen… Continue reading »

Organize A Community Garden

Do you have a passion for plants or see a local need for fresh veggies?  A community garden could be the solution. Sound daunting? Follow these tips and help your neighborhood grow together. 1.    Get People Together- Make sure enough potential participants are interested. Decide on you garden’s purpose and whom it will serve. 2.  … Continue reading »

Pest Control Tips for 2013

Going green is about more than saving energy or reusing grocery bags at the supermarket. It’s also about keeping your family, home and the environment healthy. When it comes to insects and rodents, many homeowners are quick to reach for the most potent poisons on the market. Natural pest control, however, is a safer method… Continue reading »

Why Support Your Local Farmer?

You’ve heard the saying “If your grandmother wouldn’t recognize it, it’s not real food.” Eating farm fresh food grown by your local farmer is making it’s way back into mainstream society. It simply makes good sense, and it’s how everyone ate not so long ago—before heart disease, diabetes and obesity had managed to wheedle their… Continue reading »

Green Your Gathering-Tips To Make Your Party Eco-Friendly

Green your gathering

Hosting a Hanukkah, Christmas, or New Years Eve party can be a daunting undertaking – and it can be tough on the environment too. Consider these tips to help make your festivities a little more earth-friendly. Decking the Halls For atmospheric lighting, use soy candles.  These are made from 100 percent soybeans, a renewable and… Continue reading »

Six Simple Steps for Starting an Organic Garden

Planning a fall garden? Think organic! Starting an Organic garden doesn’t have to be intimidating. Nowadays with the current awareness of the importance of organic gardening, many supplies are readily available at your local garden center. Here are six simple tips! 1. Most importantly start with good organic soil Soil is the foundation of a… Continue reading »

Green Up Your Air: How To Make Your House Smell Amazing Without Artificial Chemicals!

~by Sarah Horan An old realtor’s trick for making the house smell incredibly inviting which is also surprisingly green is to put about two capfuls of baking vanilla extract (you can also use almond or orange extract) into an oven-safe coffee cup. Turn the oven on to about 250 degrees and place the coffee cup… Continue reading »

Grow Your Own Salad!

This quick-and-easy container salad garden will start serving up fresh goodies in as little as a few weeks. Pair it with a pot of  cherry tomatoes and you’ll be set for salads for months to come. To grow cucumbers, you’ll need an outdoor spot where your planter will get at least eight hours of sun… Continue reading »

It’s Picnic Time!

Who doesn’t love a picnic? Picnics are a great way to enjoy the outdoors while spending time with friends and family. Picnics are great at the park or beach, where after you eat, you can play with the kids or just enjoy the scenery. It is the ultimate stress buster! But don’t forget when your… Continue reading »

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