Time To Tailgate! Green It Up!


Alright everyone! Time to gear up and get ready to support your favorite football team .  The season is right around the corner.   Fans can grab their hats and jerseys and prepare for the ever popular tailgate parties. While you’re busy cheering your team on with fellow party goers add some of these green ideas into the mix.

•    Forget the paper products and bring dishes from home. These can easily be packed into an ice chest after use and washed at home later.

•    Bring trash bags made from recycled material and clearly label them for trash, recyclables, and even compostable foods.

•    Prepare as much food as possible yourself, such as dips, salads, etc., to avoid buying prepackaged items.  Think landfill!

•     Go with finger foods. Who doesn’t enjoy simple to eat munchies. They’re popular, tasty, don’t require plates or utensils and make for easy clean up.

•    Buy food from a local source. Supporting foods grown and made within your own community is always the best option. And if you can’t find what you need locally, reach for organically grown.

•    Serve beer from your local brewery and jello shots made with organic vodka.  Enough said!

•     Only buy enough food to feed an army if you’ve actually invited one.   Some wise planning on your part will help avoid any unnecessary waste.

•    If grilling is a must, then propane is considered to burn cleaner than coal or wood fires making it a little “gentler “on the environment.

•    Speaking of grilling, shish kabobs are a good way to go here.  Try loading skewers with some grass fed beef, organic chicken , vegetables and fruit.

•    This can be a tough one for some, but try and pull out your old team gear and resist the temptation to buy something new.  If you already have it, why not use it?

Congratulations… You’ve just scored the winning tailgating party!

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