DIY Cloth Wipes

cloth wipes

Cloth wipes are a great substitution to expensive and harsh paper wipes, plus they are a bonus for our already suffering planet. When you choose cloth wipes over paper wipes, you can easily save hundreds of dollars a year.

To find out more, take a look below for a comprehensive overview on how to make your own baby wipes. You don’t have to be a super crafty queen or invest in a great amount of supplies to do so. You just need a few simple ingredients and you will be well on your way. Take a look!

How to Make Your Own Cloth Baby Wipes:

First, let’s take a look at the supplies you will need. Most of these products can be found at your local retail and craft store. As you can see, all are inexpensive supplies and easily accessible.

Supplies Needed:

Soft, flannel material or baby wash cloths


2 cups of room temp water

2 tablespoons no tear baby shampoo

1 tablespoon of baby oil

Spray bottle


1. First, prepare your cloths by cutting the material into 8 by 8 inch squares. Or, if you are using the baby wash cloths just keep them as is.

2. Now, gather your supplies for the wipes solution. This would be your water, shampoo, oil, and spray bottle.

3. Time to mix! Add 2 tablespoons of no tear baby wash and 1 tablespoon of baby oil in the water. Stir.

4. Pour your mixture into the spray bottle.

5. When it is time to change a diaper, spray the flannel wipe with the wipe solution. Use as you would a regular wipe.

6. When finished, you can store your dirty wipes in a trash can or plastic baggie.

7. Wash your wipes when you wash your bathroom towels.

See how easy it is to create your own baby wipes? You can easily save hundreds of dollars a year plus keep thousands of paper wipes out of the landfill. As if these aren’t reasons enough, you can also take comfort in knowing that the ingredients are natural and you can actually pronounce them. Try doing that with your store bought paper wipes!

You don’t have to make these wipes just for babies either. You can keep a small spray bottle and fabric squares in your bathroom or even car in order to clean up dirty hands and faces quickly and effectively. This recipe can also replace hand wipes not only saving you money but providing you with a more natural alternative.

Give this easy DIY a try if you have always wanted to make your own baby wipes. Transitioning from paper to cloth will be a breeze when you see how easy these are to make and how much you can actually save!

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