Green Living: Saving The Planet And Making You Money

The money saving benefits of going green are exemplified by the cash that can be saved on water bottles. A Penn State study found that the average American family spends $24,600 a year on bottled water. Replacing cheap bottles with a sturdier item, even a (relatively short) lifespan of 5 years would save over $120,000 for the family.

Using a permanent water bottle is just one of many ways that Americans can use eco-friendly measures to benefit their pocket, too. From promoting water collection to fill those bottles, to using nature to complete household tasks, there’s so much that can be done. Following a green lifestyle will make you feel good – financially and ethically.

Making money from green living

The average family in the US has a problem with debt. According to Federal Reserve stats, household debt peaked at $3.9tn this year, up on a year-on-year rise. As a result, many families are looking for different methods of making money to supplement income. Green living and eco-friendly home improvements are one way to accomplish. Take, for example, solar panels. According to a Physics World analysis, in four states – NY, CA, NV and TX – the electricity generated is sold back to the grid at a profit. What’s more the, the installation can be made using government subsidies. What this demonstrates is that not only can cash be saved day-to-day, but money can actively be made whilst helping out the environment.

Long-term home improvements 

Some of the key ideas associated with green living are well-known and widely followed – conserving water, using appliances less, turning off the lights and so on. However, there are a few changes you can make to your home to ensure it’s environmentally positive in the long term – and that you save money, too. For example, US News have suggested planting trees to save energy. Apart from being a carbon sink and improving the biodiversity of your home, trees will provide natural shade across your garden. What’s more, they can improve your curb appeal in the long term, should you ever wish to sell your home.
When considering landscaping, you may also benefit from local subsidies. The state of California offer free mulch to residents to encourage growing and many federal schemes also assist with planting, especially if they will improve public pathways.

Environmentally friendly lifestyle choices do the planet a huge benefit and the human race in the process. You can also be benefiting your pocket, though, and to a greater extent than what you make from saving water and energy. Making green changes now will benefit you and your home hugely in the long run.