Water For Our Future Growth


Who’s Green  has decided to give water use a little extra attention in 2016.  We believe there are many steps, large and small, each of us can take to help keep an ample supply on hand. This is not only for ourselves but also for those who follow.  We will continue to provide you with useful information in a number of other areas while creating a greater awareness on how this natural resource can be used more wisely.  Because you use water in every area of your life we will present you with ideas for the home, the workplace, in business, and within the community.

Who’s Green enjoys helping you explore greener living.  In our efforts to share both simple and practical choices we will cover a wide range of ideas:

  • For the home we will offer tips and suggestions such as not leaving the water running, installing more efficient nozzles and toilets, and creative methods like rainwater harvesting .
  • At the workplace we will remind you to actively look for ways your employer can conserve water and give tips on greener habits for you to adopt as we continue to discover them.
  • In business we will provide you with information on joining incentive based programs, the various workshops being offered, and finding organizations that offer you support.  Each of these is designed to help you save on costs as well as water.
  • We will pass along different ways you can become involved  in our community whether attending special events, participating in educational programs, or opportunities to volunteer.

As always our greatest source of information is you in the community. For this reason we continue to welcome your feedback and ideas. Remember, we all enjoy the many benefits of water; drinking it, bathing in it, and growing things with it just to name a few.  So lets all join in on using it more wisely.


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