Burrr..Does Your Water Heater Need A Jacket?


Burrr… the cold months are quickly approaching. Did you know that drafts, leaks and poor insulation can mean energy losses of up to 25 % in your home? This can be a terrible thing for your pocketbook and the planet. However, with a few simple changes you can protect your home from high heating costs not only this winter but for years to come.

Try these easy ways to make a difference this winter season:

1.    Block obvious leaks around your house, both inside and out. When you begin, it is best to start from the top: you’ll lose more energy through an equivalent crack in the upstairs bedroom than you will from your basement, since heat rises during the winter.

2.    Make sure that the damper is closed when not in use to reduce air leaks.

3.    Install door sweeps to eliminate gaps under exterior doors, and reduce air leaks around electrical outlets and power switches by insulating gaskets.

4.    Reverse the direction of your ceiling fans. In the winter, the fan should be set to reverse. This sends the air up to the ceiling instead of downward, allowing the hot air floating at the top of the room to be mixed with the colder air. This makes the room warmer with a more constant temperature and reduces the need for heat.

5.    Reinsulate! Did you know that there can be harmful health effects to the traditional forms of insulation? Today, there are many alternatives to the familiar “pink cotton candy” fiberglass insulation. Some options include sheep’s wool, recycled denim, and cellulose (recycled paper). These are both effective and non-toxic!

6.    Think about wrapping your water heater in an insulating jacket. This easy solution can cut up to 45% of its heat loss! Wrap the adjacent hot water heater pipes with insulating material to prevent even more heat from escaping.

7.    Consider a Programmable thermostat. They are one of the easiest ways to make you home more energy-efficient. They can help you manage your heating patterns and keep your house warm, and can even turn down the heat after your family leaves for work and school.

Let us know if you have any creative ways that you save energy this winter!

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