San Miguel High School


San Miguel High School opened in 2004 in order to create a learning community where students from families of limited financial means have the opportunity to develop to their full potential. San Miguel High School is a private, Catholic, four-year high school located in Tucson, Arizona.

San Miguel Provides:

  • Academic preparation for college
  • Preparation for a professional career through corporate internships
  • A moral compass for students through Catholic education
  • An environment conducive to a spiritual life
  • Active and engaging opportunities for academic, spiritual, and social growth

san-miguel-schoolIn addition, San Miguel High School is committed to our environment. When the school was built in 2004 the vision was to build a school that not only provided excellent education, but to incorporate sustainable features. The school’s gymnasium includes numerous skylights that provide natural lighting and recycled blue jeans were used for sound absorption. The roof system was designed to reflect light and also work as a water catchment system for area landscaping. The school grounds are landscaped with low water desert plants and honey mesquite trees for added shade.

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