TEP- GreenWatts Program


Hi, I’m “Sunny” the GreenWatt.

I work to preserve the environment for future generations by using natural sunlight to generate green electricity. Renewable electricity is energy created from natural resources such as the sun, wind and landfill gas.

The GreenWatts Program lets you support renewable energy for as little as $2.00 per month. For every GreenWatt you adopt, TEP will create 20 kilowatt hours of electricity per month from renewable energy resources.

When you join GreenWatts, 100 percent of your contribution goes toward installing solar power systems at community schools and nonprofit organizations in the Tucson area

GreenWatts is part of TEP’s renewable energy portfolio and is an easy way to invest in Arizona’s energy future.

To learn more about TEP’s GreenWatts program go to our website www.tucsonelectric.com/Green/Business/Solar/community.asp

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