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Tucson Builder now includes solar system at no extra cost

Tucson, AZ—January 11, 2010—Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your new home actually started paying you?  This is now a very real possibility, according to Ted Bednar, owner of Tucson’s TJ Bednar Homes.

Characterized by their traditional “True Tucson” design and award-winning energy efficiency, TJ Bednar Homes now includes a photovoltaic solar system in all new homes.  Not only will the solar system not be an upgrade, it’s included at no additional cost, it can actually save money on energy costs.

First, because the solar system is standard in every new home, the buyer immediately qualifies for up to $6,000 in Federal tax credit.  In addition Tucson Electric Power credits back the buyer for any unused power which is essentially, sold back to the grid.  With TJ Bednar’s already energy efficient homes that can mean an owner may receive a check from Tucson Electric Power if their credit exceeds their utility bill.

“Of course, every TJ Bednar Homes buyer still receives the authentic True Tucson designs we’ve been known for and have been building for almost 30 years” Ted says.  “Plus we have recently lowered the pricing on most of our homes and now we’re crowning it off with the solar system.  I think it’s just one more good reason to buy a TJ Bednar home.”

TJ Bednar Homes has homes from the mid $150s at Lakeside Ridge on Sarnoff near Golf Links; and homes from the high $120s at Vista Montana Estates, a gated master planned community on Wilmot south of I-10.

Contact 520-293-7203 for more information on any of our energy efficient communities.

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