Love Your Family- The Non-Toxic Way

Looking at what the conventional home is today, it is nearly impossible to make a non-toxic environment for yourself, let alone for your children. Many things are out of our control as consumers and as tenants of homes. But there are a handful of key elements that we can control in our children’s lives. Helping… Continue reading »

Got Stains? The Solution Might Just Be In Your Pantry

It’s no secret that almost all conventional household cleaners contain some toxic ingredients. Many contain carcinogens or suspected carcinogens, as well. However, the danger the chemicals pose really depends on how often you use the products in which they’re found and the length of time you’re exposed to the fumes. This bit of “grandmother knowledge”… Continue reading »

7 Products You Should Ban From Your Home Forever

In our efforts to help our Who’s Green? community find simple and effective ways to live a little greener, we knew this easy list of  “7 Products You Should Ban” from your home was essential. 1.  Nonstick Cookware– When heated, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), the nonstick coating, releases toxic gases that have been linked to cancer, organ… Continue reading »

Create Your Own Green House Effect

We mean that in a good way of course. We all express concern for our environment and the need to clean it up, so why not start off under our own roofs? Trying to keep our homes clean is something each of us does, but we don’t necessarily want to sacrifice our health or the… Continue reading »