Love Your Family- The Non-Toxic Way

Looking at what the conventional home is today, it is nearly impossible to make a non-toxic environment for yourself, let alone for your children. Many things are out of our control as consumers and as tenants of homes. But there are a handful of key elements that we can control in our children’s lives. Helping… Continue reading »

Pistachio Isn’t The Only Green Ice Cream!

Selling ice cream in Tucson, Arizona does not sound like such a creative idea. According to the Weather Channel website, the average high temperature in June is 100° and 101° in July before it cools down to an average high of 99° in August. In the famously arid climate of the Sonoran Dessert, there are… Continue reading »

15 Reasons to Eat Organic

We liked this list that was provided by Care2 and thought we would share  it! 1. In study after study, research from independent organizations consistently shows organic food is higher in nutrients than traditional foods. Research shows that organic produce is higher in vitamin C, antioxidants, and the minerals calcium, iron, chromium, and magnesium. 2…. Continue reading »

7 Products You Should Ban From Your Home Forever

In our efforts to help our Who’s Green? community find simple and effective ways to live a little greener, we knew this easy list of  “7 Products You Should Ban” from your home was essential. 1.  Nonstick Cookware– When heated, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), the nonstick coating, releases toxic gases that have been linked to cancer, organ… Continue reading »

Chemicals In Your Laundry? We Say, No Way!

Our mission? To help make your home just a little greener, one room at a time. The laundry room can contain some pretty harsh chemicals and eat up a lot of energy. May we suggest some alternatives? Let Your Washer Do The Work If your washing machine is more than 10 years old, you’re using… Continue reading »

Healthy Eating Tid-Bit

We know. You resolved this year to take better care of yourself, (we did too). You told yourself you were going to eat healthier foods and put the fork down sooner.  Oh, and you were going to be greener while doing it, (no pressure there). Most likely you ran to the obvious first choice, nibbling… Continue reading »