University Pest Control Inc.

University Termite and Pest Control Inc. servicing all of Arizona is a Quality Pro Green certified company by the National Pest Management Assc. The first company in Arizona to be green certified. 520-886-4146 800-887-4146

Horses can be green too!

There seems to be plenty of ideas on how to green your home, car, garden, office, or just about anything else one can think of, but information on green stable care is not quite as plentiful. Because not everyone can afford to re-build a environmentally friendly barn or install a new green irrigation system, we… Continue reading »

Tania’s Restaurant

Free Tanias Green Card  has ten “Green” things you can do when you eat at the restaurant. Be rewarded with discounts if you bring in a plastic bag, used cooking oil for bio-diesel, bike, walk or bus to our restaurant. Maybe drive a Hybrid or carpool? We will reward you with discounts! Choose from 10%… Continue reading »


Keep your roof cool and the inside even cooler with Elastek certified cool roof coatings. Elastek manufactures elastomeric cool roof coatings and repair materials that are among the most energy-saving products available in the desert Southwest. Elastek products are durable, energy-saving, and environmentally sound. Elastek leads the industry in cool roof technology. Sustain a roof,… Continue reading »

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