Making Easter A Little “Greener”

Hippy Hop to a greener Easter. Here are some easy ways to make a difference! Eggs Dye your free-farmed or organic eggs naturally by dipping them in vegetable- and fruit-based dyes, instead of using artificial colors. Create the dyes by boiling vegetables, fruits or juices in four cups of water and one-half cup of vinegar…. Continue reading »

DIY: Natural Egg Dyes

Whether or not you celebrate Easter specifically, eggs are a natural symbol of Spring. Here are some great ways to get beautiful, natural, colors with items you probably already have your kitchen! These dyes are best left overnight, so clean out a couple of mason jars as well. Once you’ve mixed your dyes, place as… Continue reading »

Natural Remedies For Cold & Flu Season

Few people make it through the winter without a scratchy throat and an annoying runny nose. You can’t very well hold your breath all winter, but you can put your immune system in top-notch form to fight colds and flu by employing a variety of natural methods for hastening recovery and easing symptoms, such as… Continue reading »

Green Up Your Super Bowl Party

It’s official! It’s Super Bowl time! Let’s celebrate your Super Bowl party,  green style. Save money and the environment by greening your party, and still have a blast watching the big game. To add some eco-friendly excitement, here are some tips on how to make your Super Bowl party the best and greenest on the block. Start with e-vites… Continue reading »

Spoil Your Sweetheart- Not The Planet!

Ok, we know… your saying to yourself, we just got done with Christmas, why on earth are you covering another holiday already? Listen, we’re not a big fan of Valentine’s Day.  Just think, for a moment, about all the waste that’s produced for this holiday. The pink teddy bears, the endless greeting cards, the chocolate…and… Continue reading »

Fake Vs. Real- The Christmas Tree Dilemma

The real versus artificial Christmas tree debate replays itself year after year. But the truth is, each option has its own place on the naughty-and-nice list. Just a few short decades ago, displaying a Christmas tree in your living room really only yielded one option: a real pine or fir tree. That all changed when a U.S.-based… Continue reading »

Green Up Your Gift Wrap

If you’re interested in keeping your holiday waste to a minimum, there are several ways to go green when it comes to choosing your gift wrap. Instead of buying new wrapping paper this year, check out the options below that can help you recycle, reduce and reuse. They can be more creative and fun for… Continue reading »

10 Ways To Reduce Holiday Waste

Help reduce your holiday waste. Did you know extra holiday waste amounts to 25 million tons of garbage, or about one million extra tons per week?  (According to Use Less Stuff (ULS). Here are some tips to reduce paper products and changing your gift-giving focus: Be selective when deciding how many holiday cards to send…. Continue reading »

Tis The Season To Give Back!

This holiday make the season a little brighter for others. Giving back is a great thing to do all year round, but the holidays tend to bring out the charitable side in most people. Try some of these ideas with your family and make a difference this holiday season. •    Donate to a charitable organization… Continue reading »

Small Business Saturday- November 26, 2016

Small Business Saturday is November 26, 2016! Sponsored by American Express Small Business Saturday is an awesome event to get everyone out shopping and supporting their local businesses. Who’s Green? supports Small Business Saturday and loves the message it sends!  What is the benefit of Small Business Saturday? It brings awareness to the necessity… Continue reading »

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