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Kids Learning & Education About Recycling ~Teaching and educating kids about recycling and the impact their actions today can have on tomorrow’s world.~ Mid-July signals that summer will be winding to a close and that a new school year is on the horizon. Notebooks and paper, pencils and pens, lunch bags and backpacks may all… Continue reading »

Natural Sunburn Relief At Your Fingertips


In hot weather, it can be easy to accidentally get overheated or sunburned, even if we’re careful. Soothe sensitive skin with these spa-like treatments you can make with grocery-store ingredients. Yogurt Mask  To relieve the heat and redness of a sunburned face, apply a thick paste of cold yogurt and chamomile essential oil. Because yogurt is… Continue reading »

Why Gardening Makes You Happier


Did you know that gardening can ward off depression, improve your mood and make you feel life is more worthwhile? •    Gardeners are less likely to display signs of depression •    Poll found 80 per cent of gardeners feel satisfied with their lives •    Only 67 per cent of non-gardeners feel the same way If… Continue reading »

Tips and Tricks for Bugs and Weeds


By Sarah Horan No one wants to spray harmful chemicals in their garden, particularly if they are planning to eat out of it! Regular pesticide and herbicide products can be harmful to the other organisms that share the ecosystem with us, and who can be beneficial to your garden, like butterflies and birds. However, weeds… Continue reading »

Refreshing Watermelon Iced Green Tea


Using seasonal fruit, like watermelon, reduces the carbon footprint of this drink! Feel free to substitute any other fruit (such as peaches or strawberries) that are in season! Try pairing it with an eco-friendly cheese platter. Serves 8 Ingredients: 4 cups seedless watermelon flesh, cubed 2 cups hot water   Green tea (2 tsp loose leaf or 2 tea… Continue reading »

How Safe Is Your Toothpaste?


Have you ever looked at your toothpaste and read the “warning label”? Probably not. Why would consumers? We trust tooth paste companies to provide us with safe products. Fluoride toothpastes carry a warning that says something like, “Keep out of reach of children under 6 years of age. If more than used for brushing is… Continue reading »

Stay Cool Without AC


Most of us who live where summers are hot have been through it: As temperatures rise into the triple digits, we crank the AC—then feel the anxiety as we open our electric bills. Americans want to feel comfortable indoors when outdoor temperatures climb—so much so that we collectively spend more than $15 billion each year… Continue reading »

It’s Summer & That Means A Party!


What’s the best way to avoid the “Summertime Blues”? Throw a party of course! Celebrate summer’s sweet inception by hosting the best (and greenest) shindig on the block. So put on your party hat and dancing shoes and follow our green party tips. Say No To Paper Invites We know, there’s nothing quite like a… Continue reading »

Eat Seasonally! Here’s Your Summertime List!


There’s something so good about eating food when it’s just been picked. It tastes better, it’s better value and it’s a better deal for the planet, so dig in and celebrate what’s fresh in fruits and vegetables. Here’s your Summer list! Apricots are harvested starting in late spring in warmer areas and through early summer…. Continue reading »

8 Natural Mosquito Repellants


Before you grab that DEET-based mosquito repellent, consider using a natural option instead. DEET, also known as diethyl-meta-toluamide, by any other name still stinks. And research proves that the main ingredient in commercial mosquito repellents leaves more than a bad odor. According to a Duke University study, it damages brain cells, can cause behavioural changes,… Continue reading »

Tips For Grilling Fruits & Vegetables


There’s something really special about fresh fruits and veggies cooked on the grill. We thought to kick off the grilling season we’d pass along some favorite tips for grilling. • Use a light brushing of canola oil on vegetables and fruits to help prevent sticking. The use of a non-stick grate or foil packets lightly… Continue reading »

20 Surprising Uses For Baking Soda


1. Remove the odor of a spraying cat. Make a paste of baking soda and water, cover area, leave for at least three hours but preferably overnight, then vacuum when powder has dried. 2. Make a quick substitute for spackle. To fill in a small hole, mix a bit of baking soda and a bit… Continue reading »

K.L.E.A.R.- Kids Learning & Education About Recycling


Kids Learning & Education About Recycling ~Teaching and educating kids about recycling and the impact their actions today can have on tomorrow’s world.~ School’s out for summer, making it a great time to teach kids about recycling. Learning efforts don’t need to be complicated and are also a great way to enhance and recharge family… Continue reading »

Asparagus with Fried Egg

Asparagus Fried Egg with Parmesan Cheese Recipe

Quick, easy, nutritious and delicious. Directions: Drizzle steamed asparagus with olive oil. Top with a sunny-side egg and shaved Parmesan; season with salt & pepper

Pest Free Naturally!


In many climates, warm weather brings bugs. While a few ants, fleas or silverfish can be a nuisance, an invasion may tempt you to reach for the bug spray. Don’t do it! This heavy-handed approach can unleash toxic compounds that put your family’s health at risk Here are some natural ways to get rid of… Continue reading »

Contain That Garden!


Growing vegetables in containers is becoming an increasingly popular hobby. It doesn’t require much space and, with a little care and attention, can generate enough produce to meet the vegetable needs of most small families. Follow this guide to vegetable container gardening and start enjoying the benefits of home-grown organic produce. Getting started Begin by… Continue reading »

A Kitchen Garden-Fresh Herbs Made Easy

Kitchen herbs

Of all the plants you can grow indoors, few are as gratifying as culinary herbs whose scent will lift your spirits and whose flavor will delight your taste buds. To grow a kitchen windowsill garden, you must provide everything Mother Nature does outdoors: light, water, soil and nutrients. Before you start, determine how much light… Continue reading »

Greywater Recycling- What You Should Know

pink flower_art

What Is Greywater? Greywater is any household wastewater with the exception of wastewater from toilets, which is known as blackwater. Typically, 50-80% of household wastewater is greywater from kitchen sinks, dishwashers, bathroom sinks, tubs and showers. Of course, if you use a composting toilet, 100% of your household wastewater is greywater. Freshly generated greywater is… Continue reading »

How Do I Get Rid Of This??


Paint? Appliances? Plastic Bags? What do you do with these items that you know you can’t leave on your curb and have the neighborhood recycle guy pick them up. Here are a few tips to help you get rid of them without hurting the environment. Plastic Bags? According to various recycling facilities, plastic bags are… Continue reading »

Tuscan Panzanella Salad

Tuscan salad

Panzanella is a rustic Italian bread-and-tomato salad! Perfect for Meatless Monday this hearty salad is filling and satisfying! Ingredients •    1 (1-pound) loaf ciabatta or other Italian bread, cut into 1-inch cubes •    1 cup extra-virgin olive oil, divided •    2 tablespoons red wine vinegar •    1 teaspoon balsamic vinegar •    1/4 cup finely chopped… Continue reading »

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