Here’s 5 Easy Ways To Help The Ocean


1. Avoid pesticides, fertilizers and toxic cleaning products. The rivers of our world are funneling chemicals into the ocean all the time, and that’s a disgrace. So use natural fertilizers like manure, avoid foods that have been grown with pesticides, and choose non-toxic cleaning products

2. Cut down on the amount of stuff you buy. Ditch the disposable stuff. Remember those rivers I was talking about earlier? They also carry our trash to the ocean, and I think we all know what a problem that is. On a similar note, pick up litter wherever you see it.

3. Demand sustainable seafood at the market and in restaurants. Or just don’t eat seafood.

4. Reduce your carbon footprint. Conserve energy, power down, and demand alternative sources of energy that are renewable and carbon-free. Read more about ocean acidification here:

5. Respect your beach! Tidepools are fragile, and coral reefs are even more so. So just don’t mess with the ocean plants and animals. They’re having a tough enough time as it is these days.

What are you doing to help the ocean? We would love to share your ideas!

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