For The Love Of Repurposing & Recycling


re·pur·pose: to change (something) so that it can be used for a different purpose

re·cy·cle: to make something new from (something that has been used before)

Recycling and repurposing seem to go hand-in-hand and there are so many great ideas to transform old or unwanted items that may be stashed around your home or headed for the trash bin. Easy to make, these ideas will inspire you and your kids while providing a perfect opportunity for stay-at-home-projects to enhance your recycling efforts. Enjoy a fun afternoon or evening together while recycling and repurposing. Think about all the possibilities!

One particularly clever idea found was a way to recycle old books that are taking up shelf space and have been replaced with electronic readers. Use the covers to create picture frames for treasured photos that will decorate your walls in a unique and personalized way. I’m anxious to create my own one-of-a-kind photo frames with the instructions found here

Cardboard boxes, egg cartons, empty jars and old furniture can be recycled and repurposed into magical and artful projects such as was found at this site Think of all the “trash” you’ll be keeping out of the landfill by creating these simple treasures, and the fun the kids will have exploring their own creativity.

No matter how old or young, how big or how small, a Clothing Swap Party is a great way to get everyone involved in recycling and repurposing clothing. And what better time than now with school in full swing and seasons changing. Spearhead a get-together with friends and neighbors. Have everyone clear their closets of good items that no longer fit or may just not be their favorite anymore, gather at a central location (someone’s home or garage) and swap away. It’s a great way for everyone in the family to get some new items while keeping the pocket change! Any unclaimed clothing from the swap can then be donated to a local charity.

Keep thinking green!

By Kristal MacDough. A resident of Tucson, Arizona, Kristal is a regular contributor to, and an author.

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