Title: New Solar Powered Pool Cleaner Ready Just in Time for Summer Swim Season

Paul Sim - CEO of Solar Pool Technologies - With Solar Breeze NX

Temperatures are quickly rising here in Arizona, and a dip in your backyard pool is likely becoming more appealing every day. No one likes spending time cleaning the pool when they could be relaxing and enjoying time with friends and family. Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised a jaw-dropping $407,078, Solar Pool Technologies in Arizona has created a way for your pool to always be swim ready. The Scottsdale-based company just finished manufacturing its next generation of solar powered robotic pool cleaner, called the Solar-Breeze NX.

In conjunction with Earth Day last week, Solar Pool Technologies CEO Paul Sim hosted a demonstration of the new device at a backyard in Tucson to show off how easy-to-use and effective the new machine is.

“We are so thankful to our Kickstarter backers and the many who pre-ordered. They made it possible for us to manufacture our next generation robotic solar powered pool cleaner, the Solar-Breeze NX,” Paul Sim, Solar Pool Technologies CEO, said. “Even with thousands manufactured and en route, we’re nearly sold out for this summer’s swim season. Kickstarter backers, pre-order customers, and several retail dealers have scooped up most of our current planned production volume.”

The Solar-Breeze is a revolutionary invention that uses power from the sun instead of grid electricity to effortlessly remove dirt, debris, pollen and even suntan oils from the pool’s surface. During the day, Solar-Breeze uses the sun’s power to run the motors that drive the cleaner across the water. Surplus power is stored in its rechargeable battery, enabling it to continue operating practically around the clock. The Solar-Breeze is the only intelligent pool skimmer on the market. Advanced software controls the unit’s overall functions, which include directing it to sunny areas of the pool if the battery charge is low, and sensing when the unit is stuck on an obstruction so it can reverse and move in a different direction.

Swimming pools are the second-largest consumer of electricity in the sunbelt home after air conditioning. By using solar energy to operate, the Solar-Breeze NX can reduce a pool’s energy bill by up to two-thirds. The robotic cleaner also has a chlorine dispenser that releases chlorine evenly across the pool, effectively sanitizing the pool and reducing chemical consumption by an average of one-third.

To learn more about the Solar-Breeze NX visit: www.solar-breeze.com