5 Landscaping Ideas, Tips & Tricks


Courtesy of Tucson Electric Power

Could your yard use some sprucing up? Find inspiration in these landscaping projects and resources. Given that April is National Safe Digging Month, be sure to adhere to the following safety tips, too.

Plant shade trees

Trees help conserve energy by shading buildings, streets and cars. Trees also control storm water runoff, soil erosion and wind, and they improve air quality and provide a habitat for wildlife. Use this resource to determine which trees are ideal for your area.

Let your garden grow

Growing your own vegetable garden is a rewarding experience for the whole family. Not only can you watch the wonder of nature in your own backyard, but you’ll also have a supply of healthy, fresh food. When your vegetables are ready to eat, increase your refrigerator’s efficiency by storing produce in the crisper drawers, keeping fruits and vegetables separate, or on a colder lower shelf

Make summer bright

Your garden can thrive despite the summer heat with these hearty, yet gorgeous flowers.
Few plants can brighten a tired corner like these tough perennials. They thrive through summer and bloom nearly nonstop into fall if you keep the spent flowers picked.

Gloriosa daisy (Rudbeckia hirta)
Deep golden petals radiate from chocolate centers on 2- to 4-inch-wide flowers.
Plants reach 3 to 4 feet tall and 1 ½ feet wide. Shorter varieties such as ‘Goldilocks’ and ‘Toto’ top out at 10 inches tall.

Coreopsis (C. grandiflora)
Fluffy, golden yellow blooms atop tall stems. ‘Sunray’ is a dense, compact selection with double and semidouble flowers.

Bold blooms in a range of vibrant colors grow from tuberous roots. We planted pink and coral decorative dahlias and a red-and-yellow, cactus-flowered variety. Provide light shade in hot areas.

Watch out for power lines.

Now that your yard is looking lush, watch out for power lines that could be hidden by foliage before you trim tree limbs and shrubs. Contact TEP’s Customer Care line at 520-623-7711 if you have questions or concerns