Nice Ice, Baby


With all sorts of shapes, sizes and add-ins, ice has gone designer. Here’s some inspiration to bring the trend home.

Add -Ins-

Place ingredients in an ice tray.

* Thyme

* Tarragon

* Basil

* Mint

* Bluberries

* Rasberries

* Strawberry slices

*  Edible flowers or petals.

Fill & Freeze-

Add liquid to cover and freeze until solid.

* Water

* Cranberry juice

* Grapefruit juice

* Orange juice

* Coconut milk

* Lemon juice

* Lime juice

* Lemonade/limeade

Cool Coolers-

Here are a mixes that are terrific

* Thyme+grapefruit juice in a vodka tonic

* Marigold petals + cocnut milk