The Clean 15- Foods You Don’t Have To Buy Organic

Have you heard about the “Dirty Dozen”?  They are the  produce that the Environmental Working Group (EWG) report suggests are  the most likely to be contaminated by pesticides or other chemicals.

Below you will find a list of the LEAST contaminated fruits and vegetables, referred to as the “Clean 15”.

Clean 15 (Lowest in pesticides)

The Clean 15 contain the least pesticide residue, meaning if budget or availability is an obstacle to buying organic, you can buy conventionally grown varieties of these fruits and vegetables.

1.    Onions

2.    Sweet corn

3.    Pineapples

4.    Avocado

5.    Asparagus

6.    Sweet peas

7.    Mangoes

8.    Eggplant

9.    Cantaloupe (domestic)

10.    Kiwi

11.    Cabbage

12.    Watermelon

13.    Sweet potatoes

14.    Grapefruit

15.    Mushrooms

Be Inspired

Use the Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 lists to inspire you to seek out organically grown produce when possible, and to find innovative recipes to use all of the fruits and vegetables on the lists in a single week. As a vegan, your diet is based on produce, meaning you should be able to easily incorporate these fruits and vegetables into your weekly meal planning.


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  1. Vera says:

    Thanks for the Clean 15 list. Love having this info to share!

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