Say Bye-Bye To Air Fresheners

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Who would think that using air fresheners in your home could be harmful to your health?

A report that was released by the Natural Resources Defense Council found that 12 of 14 brands of common household air fresheners contained phthalates. Phthalates are chemicals that are used to prolong the length of time that scented products maintain their fragrance. Regular exposure to phthalates can increase your risk of experiencing endocrine, reproductive, and developmental problems. Amazingly, some of the brands that tested positive for phthalates did not include phthalates on their lists of ingredients; some of these brands were even labeled as being “all-natural” and “unscented.”

If you use synthetic air fresheners in your car and/or living space, you should know that you are increasing your risk of developing a variety of health problems. Headaches, earaches, depression, an irregular heart beat, and diarrhea in babies are just a few of many health challenges that have been linked with regular use of synthetic air fresheners.

Choose instead to make your own. It’s easy!

Just combine essential oils with alcohol and water. Make and keep several varieties, including refreshing orange, calming lavender and the disinfecting combination below:

Delightful Disinfecting Spray

Makes ½ cup

•    4 drops white thyme essential oil

•    6 drops tea tree essential oil

•    8 drops clove essential oil

•    2 teaspoons 190-proof alcohol

•    About ½ cup filtered or distilled water

1.    In a glass measuring cup, stir the oils into the alcohol. If the oils do not dissolve completely, add another teaspoon of alcohol. Fill the water to the ½ cup line. Pour the solution into a spray bottle (preferably glass, if available).

2.    To use, spray into the air, avoiding people’s faces.

Recipe courtesy of The Herb Companion.

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