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~Teaching and educating kids about recycling and the impact their actions today can have on tomorrow’s world.~

Mid-July signals that summer will be winding to a close and that a new school year is on the horizon. Notebooks and paper, pencils and pens, lunch bags and backpacks may all be on your shopping list, providing another great opportunity to teach kids about recycling and sustainability.

Many websites promoting green products for back-to-school needs were impressive, and I was mesmerized by the variety and creativity of these familiar items now made from recycled materials. A favorite site is www.theultimategreenstore.com.

Did you know that for every six plastic water bottles, only one makes it to a recycling center? The rest are sent to landfills, where they can take up to 100 years to disintegrate. So I took special note of the kid-sized reusable bottles for water and juice. A 12-ounce “Kanteen Water Bottle” comes in a rainbow of colors as well as sleek stainless steel. And for older kids and us big-kids, a 27-ounce version is available, also in assorted colors and styles.

You can find a variety of backpacks, among other items, made from recycled plastic water bottles. With a wide choice of sizes, colors and designs you’ll find the perfect one to hold all the school supplies you need to carry.

The bento-style lunch box with its stacked compartments caught my eye as the perfect reusable container for keeping food items separate and fresh without the need for plastic wrap or other packaging. Also available are mix and match lunch box systems, in my opinion creating perfect packaging for any array of foods, and suitable for special dietary needs and likes. With these you can forget the single serving packages sold in stores and save money by purchasing food items in bulk. Make it part of your evening family ritual to pack your lunch boxes while discussing the day’s events.

The recycled school supplies are fascinating to read about—remember to get the kids reading with you—and while they may cost a bit more, think of the good you and your family are doing for the planet and your schools by purchasing supplies made from recycled paper and other materials.

Many schools around the country, in conjunction with the EPA, have and are adopting ways to reduce waste and teach children about how they can make a difference. “Green shopping” for school supplies and “Waste Free Lunch Day” are just two of the many initiatives. What better way to start learning for the new school year.

Keep learning!

K.L.E.A.R. was conceived and is written by Kristal MacDough. A resident of Tucson, Arizona, Kristal is a regular contributor to whosgreenaz.com, and an author.


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