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Kids Learning & Education About Recycling
~Teaching and educating kids about recycling and the impact their actions today can have on tomorrow’s world.~

School’s out for summer, making it a great time to teach kids about recycling. Learning efforts don’t need to be complicated and are also a great way to enhance and recharge family time. Here are some ideas to jump-start your summer.

Garbage Bag Challenge

Have your kids count how many garbage bags you have on garbage day and challenge the entire family to reduce the number by at least one bag a week. This can be accomplished by ensuring recyclable items are put in the appropriate place/containers. Flatten other non-food waste items that cannot be recycled so they consume less space in the garbage bag. This might include things such as Styrofoam containers and plastic cups. Keep score each week of the number of garbage bags used, and then reward the entire family for their efforts with a pizza night, movie or other fun family activity.

Make It From Scratch

Another way to greatly reduce garbage is to cut out processed foods. Get the family involved in making and eating more “from scratch” items. Bake homemade cookies instead of purchasing bags and boxes of store-bought sweets; assemble your salads using fresh vegetables and do away with pre-packaged containers of greens. Added plus is that you’ll also save money!

Reduce Video Game and Computer Time

Video games and computers use energy. Encourage kids to reduce screen time and instead read a book. A weekly trip to the library is a great way to get in more family time, and search out books about recycling. Combine the library visit with other errands and you save gas too!

Challenge Your Kids to Use Less Water

Simple reminders such as shutting off the water while brushing their teeth and taking shorter showers or using less bath water will help reduce your utility bill. Put kids in charge of creating small reminder signs for the family by recycling things such as old greeting cards, newspaper, computer paper, scrap booking materials, etc. Have them place the mini signs in strategic locations for the whole family to see. The savings on your utility bill can then be put to good use with an ice cream party! KLEAR-1.docx

Be sure to talk with your kids along the way about recycling and how it has a positive impact on the environment. Happy a great June!

Watch for monthly articles from K.L.E.A.R., dedicated to helping educate kids about the importance of preserving the environment, and how they can create a cleaner and safer world of their future.


K.L.E.A.R. was conceived and is written by Kristal MacDough. A resident of Tucson, Kristal is a regular contributor to several websites, is an author and in the process of establishing a website and blog to reveal some of Arizona’s best kept secrets for visiting and vacationing. Her background encompasses several years in marketing, advertising and event planning. You may reach her through Priscilla at Who’s Green? priscilla@whosgreenaz.com


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