My Earth Day Pledge. Want to Join Me?


Most of us know that April 22nd is Earth Day! A day to honor our planet with worldwide events that support environmental protection. It was first celebrated in 1970.

Of course, it’s best to celebrate Earth Day each and every day by taking small, simple steps to help the environment. Whether it’s walking instead of driving, or bringing reusable bags to the grocery store, small actions can add up, especially when everyone participates.

This year, let’s  swap all our plastic food containers for glass!
And we’ll only buy glass going forward. It’s pretty clear that, for food storage, glass is a healthier option than plastic. After all:

•    Glass containers don’t absorb food colors or odors

•    Chemicals in plastic can break down and leech into foods (and BPA-free plastics aren’t necessarily safer)

•    Glass is completely recyclable, whereas plastic is actually downcycled

•    Food and drinks stored in glass just taste better

But glass is also way better for the environment.

•    It takes twice as much fossil fuel to produce a plastic container as compared to glass

•    Plastic production creates five times the greenhouse gas emissions over glass

•    Plastic production requires 17 times more water than glass.

So, as part of our family’s earth day pledge, we are retiring our last few plastic food storage containers in favor of glass, and we won’t be buying any more plastic food containers in the future.

Looking for more ways to support the environment?

•    Make a recycled art project

•    Send a waste free lunch to school

•    Ditch the plastic cups

•    Buy in bulk

•    Store food in glass jars

•    Make your own cleaning supplies

•    Cut down on paper towels with cloth towels

•    Use cloth napkins instead of paper

•    Make your own natural remedies

•    Burn clean candles and purify your indoor air

•    Reduce cloth drying time with wool dryer balls

•    Upgrade picnic supplies with reusables

•    Detox your laundry

•    Stop using plastic bottles

•    Reduce your household trash to one bag/week

•    Compost!

•    Plant Seeds

•    Shop at your local Farmer’s market

•    Consider bee keeping!

•    Purify indoor air

How about you?

Are you doing anything to observe Earth Day? Share with us in the comments below!

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