Coffee Can Do What?


Most people love a steaming pot of coffee in the morning but are unaware of the myriad of other uses for un-brewed coffee, brewed coffee and the coffee grounds. There are many frugal and green uses for coffee aside from the most popular use. Next time you make a pot of coffee you might want to consider taking advantage of coffees unique properties that make it far more than just an AM beverage.

Uses for Un-Brewed Coffee

If you grind your own beans select the coarsest setting (French Press Setting) to make a Coffee Scented air freshener. Use one of those unmated socks you have all but given up on , pour in some un-brewed , ground coffee beans , tie a knot in the top and Voilà – air freshener!

If you use pre-ground coffee you can pour the grounds into a short glass mason jar utilizing a stocking to cover the hole left by not using the mason jar lid. This will sit on a counter or in the fridge and emanate a delicious scent. You can always add a little cinnamon, cloves or other dry herbs to create a different scent.

Uses for Brewed Coffee

Did you know coffee is pretty acidic? When you need a light acid for a marinade most people turn to a vinegar or citrus but coffee can act as a delicious, deeper marinade base for red meats. Google Coffee marinades for some tasty ideas for your next tri-tip or BBQ recipe.

Coffee also enhances the flavor of chocolate. Add a shot of espresso or dark brewed coffee to recipes utilizing chocolate.

Got wood scratches? Brewed Coffee’s dye properties can help minimize the look of scratches. Leave a little coffee at the bottom of your pot till it thickens ( you know- until it looks like that stuff you hate to have to clean up when someone forgets the pot on the burner) put a little of that on a damp dishrag and apply to the scratches. Let set overnight if possible to dye your scratches and make them blend better.

Uses for Coffee Grounds

Now that you have enjoyed a delicious pot of coffee you’re left with the grounds. Don’t throw them out! There are many uses for coffee grounds you may never have heard of before. You can spread the grounds on a baking sheet and pop them in the oven on low to dry them out completely and add to cat litter to refresh the box and adsorb odors.

Place the damp coffee grounds in your garden or add wet grounds to mulch and apply to acid loving plants like tomatoes and blueberries. Ants are not a fan of grounds so boil a large pot of water with the used grounds and pour the steaming concoction on the mound itself. Coffee can be one of the most surprising, versatile and delicious multi-use items in your pantry! Many of these are also great ways to use up old or expired coffee so nothing goes to waste.

Another fun way to use coffee is to make your own homemade Coffee Tea Bags! Those make great gifts!

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