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Ken Goodrich, principal of Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning and The Sunny Plumber

Has your air conditioner been running nonstop since April? Eighty-seven percent of Arizona residents use central air conditioning to cool their homes, and the cost to run air conditioners throughout the state accounts for a large percentage of residential power consumption. In most units, blowing air cools the coil, and as the temperature rises, that process gets less efficient, making the unit draw more power. And if you’re like most residents, you’re still probably not getting your indoor temperatures where you want them to be.

Fortunately, Goettl Good Guys, an air conditioning repair and maintenance company based in Tempe, Ariz., has a brand new solution. The company is proud to bring residents the AquaChill, which is potentially the most powerful air conditioning performance system available. It uses water, rather than air, to maintain cooling efficiency in extreme heat, and is engineered to operate as if it’s 75 degrees outside, making it an ideal solution for desert climates.

The AquaChill can save homeowners up to 30 percent in annual air conditioning energy consumption, which is fairly huge on both the green-living scale and the wallet. While water-cooled air conditioners have been used for years, these systems have generally only been available to commercial buildings. With that in mind, Goettl Good Guys decided to bring this cost-effective, ultra-efficient cooling technology to Arizona homes.

The 30 percent savings is compared to the conventional air-cooled systems that currently dominate the market. On very hot, dry days, the AquaChill can be 40 percent more efficient than even the best conventional units. On top of these benefits, the AquaChill also runs more quietly and lasts longer than air-cooled air conditioning systems.

The Goettl name is synonymous with air conditioning in Arizona. In 1939, brothers Gust and Adam founded the air conditioning company that would eventually become Goettl Good Guys. These two men brought modern air conditioning to The Grand Canyon State, making summer temperatures livable. Now, Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning is continuing that legacy by bringing this energy efficient, cost-saving unit to the homes and lives of Arizona residents.

Goettl Good Guys’ AquaChill marks the first residential air conditioning unit of its kind in the region and the system is available exclusively through the company. The technology has been successfully marketed for commercial use in Arizona for a long time, and now Goettl Good Guys is able to offer a new alternative to residential customers seeking a similar level of energy efficiency.

So what does this mean for our environment? It means that those who are constantly seeking the same cutting-edge green solutions that commercial properties have been enjoying for years can now get that technology in their home! The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency suggests that being aware of electricity consumption, and decreasing it when possible, is an important step to reducing a consumer’s environmental footprint.

That’s exactly what the AquaChill does. It’s unlike any other air conditioner, because it’s the only system that’s designed to operate at maximum capacity and efficiency in the most extreme desert environments and climate zones with high outdoor temperatures. This defines many parts of our state, meaning homeowners in Arizona should be switching to the AquaChill to decrease their energy consumption, decrease their power bills, and decrease their detrimental impact on the planet.

The AquaChill system is available to Arizona residents exclusively through Goettl Good Guys. To find out more about the Aquachill and decide if it’s right for your home, call Goettl Good Guys in Tucson at 520-829-5748 or in Phoenix at 602-386-2728.

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