Let Them Drink Tea!- 6 Benefits You May Not Know

Every morning when you wake up, there’s a rather good chance that you head to the kitchen for a nice drink. Whether it’s a coffee, water or a nice cup of orange juice, you may want to highly consider grabbing a nice glass of tea. This tasty drink is not only great for your health, but it has so many great benefits that you probably didn’t even know about!

#1 Contains Antioxidants

Antioxidants are one of the best ingredients that anything can have. This? special ingredient can help protect your body for a range of problems such?as aging, nasty viruses and so much more. Just like a sealer on your? driveway, antioxidants are a great way to give you that extra protection.

#2 Less Caffeine – Stills Gives a Boost

If you’re worried about having no caffeine throughout the day, you will?want to keep in mind that tea does have caffeine. Unless you’re buying? decaffeinated, a glass of tea can contain as much as 35mg per cup.? Compare that to 140mg per cup of coffee, you will find that you probably ?won’t have the jitters or indigestion issues after drinking a nice glass.

#3 Reduces Many Health Risks

Like we mentioned above with the antioxidants, tea can help prevent many ?health risks. These health risks can include a stroke, heart attack and?even lower your risk against cancer. As you can see, these are rather ?deadly diseases that you probably don’t want to come into contact with.? By drinking tea, it will help keep your arteries clean and help fight? cancer with the antioxidants in every sip.

#4 Great for the Teeth

The problem with so many drinks out there is that they can stain your ?teeth, especially those like coffee. Well, with tea, you don’t have to?worry about your teeth staining or looking bad over time. If you want to? keep that sweet smile and plaque away, then it may be best to drink tea ?throughout the day. Don’t forget to brush, though!

#5 No Calories

If you’re the type that likes to watch your figure, you should be happy to ?know that tea doesn’t have any calories. Yes, that’s right! Zip, zilch,?nada. If you don’t like the taste of coffee, consider adding a drop of? honey.

#6 Keeps you Going

Studies have shown in the past the tea actually does help you with your? metabolism rate. If your rate is starting to slack off a little, you may?find this drink can actually increase it. Not only that, you can also ?quickly find that since it doesn’t have any calories, you can lose a lot?of weight over time.

As you can see, tea has so many perks. As we mentioned above, you may want ?to start drinking a few cups every week until you get used to it. Since? there are hundreds upon hundreds of tea types out there, it’s best to? search until you truly find one that you enjoy.

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