Green Your Medicine Cabinet

Most medicine cabinets are well equipped with Band-Aid bandages, ice packs, bacetracin, hydrogen peroxide and the like. However, there can be long-term side effects of certain chemicals especially pharmaceuticals. It’s always nice to have holistic remedies on hand as an alternative.

Rescue Remedy is a Bach flower remedy when you are in need of immediate calming from trauma and stress. This tiny yellow vile is packed with a homeopathic remedy that is appropriate for all ages and works at calming the nerves and emotions in an instant.

Tea Tree Oil is an essential oil from a desert cactus found in Australia this antiseptic oil is great for acne, cuts and scrapes, eczema, yeast infections, cold sores, fungal infections and anything that you need sanitized.

Herbal Tonics and Capsules are helpful depending on your specific issues. Herbal tonics are great to have on hand because when you are dealing with natural medicines its’ best to try to nip whatever you are combating in the bud at the first onset of symptoms. At the onset of cold or flu symptoms echinacea, golden seal, pau d’arco are all great to take at regular intervals to help boost your immune system to fight those nasty bugs.

Collodial Silver is another great remedy with antiseptic properties which can also be taken internally in small doses over small periods of time to ease cold and flu symtpoms.

Apple Cider Vinegar comes to the rescue when we get indigestion, fungal infections, yeast infections and it can also help fight off urinary tract infections.

Green Clay Just add water to this silky clay to help with acne, skin problems, bug bites and swelling. At first the clay will cool and soothe the area and then it will warm up as it dries, improving the circulation.

Oregano Oil is a concentrated extraction of the potent oils from the herb oregano. It is very beneficial and useful against any bacteria, virus, or fungus.  This wonderful oil  can be used everyday as a supplement to keep skin clear and moisturized. Just a couple drops under your tongue when you feel a tickle in your throat should knock it out.

Count these items among the Band-Aids and the hydrogen peroxide and you will be well prepared for much of what our germy world has to offer

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