Green Up Father’s Day

Father’s Day is Sunday and we thought it would be a great idea to help Dad be a little greener this Father’s Day (or at least give him a  friendly nudge in that direction).

Here are a few suggestions to do something for Dad and the environment at the same time:

•    Clothing
So much clothing nowadays is petroleum-based and industrially manufactured with heavy use of chemicals.  But it’s possible to make a better choice with natural and eco-friendly fabrics, including those made in whole or in part from soy, hemp, alpaca, silk, merino wool, or organic cotton.  Or how about some comfortable and durable men’s socks made from bamboo?

•    Bicycle
Consider how you can help Dad decrease his reliance on his car to get to and from work, or some of his other short trips around town.  A bicycle is a healthy, cheaper, more environmentally friendly option than a car.  Or if he already has a good quality bike, perhaps some bike accessories or a backpack that will encourage him to use the bike more.  Bus, train, subway, or ferry passes are another way to reduce car use.

•   Golf
Golf is a sport that has come under attack from environmentalists for the way golf courses reduce wildlife habitat, consume a great deal of water, and use lots of agricultural chemicals.  But AudubonInternational is working with golf courses to make them better environmental stewards, and now certifies courses that meet their high standards.  If there’s such a course near you, a round of golf could be a pleasant way to spend Father’s Day.

•    Watch
Stop adding to the pollution of landfills with old watch batteries by switching to a solar-powered watch.  Casio and numerous other name-brand watch manufacturers now make solar-powered watches, so you’ll be able to find one in a wide variety of styles and prices.  Or consider other solar products for Dad, such as solar outdoor lights or a solar battery charger.

•    Eco-Friendly Greeting Card

Whether near or far, and perfect for busy parents- Paperless Post is a website where users design and send cards digitally without sacrificing the traditions of classic, custom stationery. The cards have the look and texture of what you would find in a high-end stationery store, but the ease, eco-consciousness, and cost effectiveness of digital communication. It’s a great alternative as it saves money and the earth at the same time. There is a variety to choose from. You can view a larger selection of them on one of the new dedicated sign up pages which includes Father’s Day samples. Visit their website to see all the great choices for your Dad:

Paperless Post is free to join, and there are 25 free stamps included with sign-up .

•   Our favorite ~ Time

Finally, consider skipping purchasing any consumer item for Dad, and just spend the day with him, doing activities he enjoys, talking with him, telling him how you feel about him and all he’s meant in your life.  That could be greener than the greenest gift you could buy.

Happy Father’s Day!

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