Greenify Your Memorial Day Celebration

Memorial Day is great time to reflect on the importance of family and friends at home with cookouts and time together. So let’s kick off the summer this Memorial Day Weekend by greenifying your celebration!

Here are a few tips for creating a greener Memorial Day:

Spend it Outdoors

Memorial Day, after all, is meant to be spent outdoors in glorious weather!  Not only will you be able to enjoy Mother Nature but you can save on energy costs needed to run the appliances, the air conditioners and the Jacuzzi had you chosen to stay cooped inside.

Be in Season, Be Local

Instead of cooking with exotic, imported foods, you ought to cook with fruits and vegetables sourced locally and in season.  You can save on grocery costs since in-season fruits have lower prices than those that are not and you lessen your carbon footprint, too.

Use Green Fuel

When barbecuing, opt for biofuel like corn and coconut husks as well as lump charcoal.  These fuels are perfectly recyclable and biodegradable.

Use Solar-Powered Grills

If you can afford it, you can opt for a solar-powered grill to make your barbecues.  It’s a grill designed to heat its surface through the sun’s solar power – no gas, no coils, no fuels involved.

Manual Lawn Mowing

If you want to make your lawn look good for guests but want to go green, opt for the manual lawnmower instead of the gas-powered and electric-charged mowers.  You will get your arm exercise while lessening your energy consumption.

Organic Cooking

If you are not a fan of organic foods for whatever reason, Memorial Day is the time to be one.  You ought to include organic fruits and vegetables on your menu for a healthier, greener commemoration of your dearly departed Americans.

Clean up Good, Clean up Green

When you need to clean picnic accessories like lawn tables and chairs, use green cleaners with all natural, all-biodegradable ingredients.  And there is no excuse either as these green cleaners are worth every dime you pay for them!

After the picnic at the park, clean up by using biodegradable trash bags.  You can also take home the food scraps for the compost pit.

Make A Recycling Bin Available At Your Cookout

Most guests can and will recycle if you give them the option.
Make this Memorial Day red, white, and GREEN and remember those who have served our country proudly, giving the ultimate sacrifice.

Happy Memorial Day!

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