Get Involved this Earth Month… Pledge To Conserve Water In Your Community

Mayor’s across the country will be asking their residents to make a free, online commitment to drastically slash water and energy use across the nation by taking part in a national contest this Earth Month – and in return residents in the cities with the most participation qualify to win a new Toyota Prius Hybrid, water saving fixtures and hundreds of other prizes.

Last year’s challenge in Southern California alone resulted in a total pledged savings of over 897,000,000 gallons of water with 3,184,095 pounds of trash kept from landfills and 27,936,170 pounds of CO2 emissions reduced.

This year’s challenge is nationwide so let’s come together to do our part to help our planet with an even greater number of pledges. Be sure to tell your mayors, friends, families, neighbors and everyone you know to take this free, online pledge to conserve water and energy this Earth Month.

Mayor Jonathan Rothschild of  Tucson, Arizona is asking residents to pledge to save water as part of the National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation.

“Tucsonans care about the environment and understand the need to conserve water. This month, let’s all take another look at how we can save more water, more energy, and stop more pollution from going into our air and water. Even small steps add up to big improvements when we do them every day.

“Join me in taking the Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation pledge to save water, save energy, and reduce pollution. You could win a prize. The pledge is online at

This city-friendly competition continues through April 30. Residents are asked to sign an online Clean Water Pledge, promising to commit to water conservation steps for their home, yard and vehicle.

Participating cities are divided into four regions and categorized by population. Cities with the highest percentage of residents who make the pledge are eligible for prizes, including water-saving appliances, gift cards and a Toyota Prius Hybrid.The challenge is sponsored by the Wyland Foundation.

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