Holiday Lights Give Back To Their Community

Everyone loves to see holiday lights this time of year. In Tucson, Arizona a local neighborhood has been making holiday lights a tradition for over 62 years along with giving back to their local Community Food Bank.

The Winterhaven Festival of Lights began in 1949. CB Richards, the founder of Winterhaven Water & Development Company and was inspired to create the Festival after visiting a similar display in Beverly Hills, California  in the 1930s.  The Festival has been held continuously since 1949 except for one year during the 1970’s energy crisis when the residents of Winterhaven voted to stay dark.

This will be the 62nd year for the Winterhaven Festival of Lights in Tucson Arizona. It is one of the longest running festivals of its kind in the country.  It is visited by hundreds of thousands of people from all over southern Arizona and helps so many in need this time of year through their Food Bank donation efforts.

The Festival is one the most important events for the Community Food Bank in Tucson.  In 2010, over $27,000 and 44,000 pounds of food were donated to the Food Bank through the Festival. What a great way to give back this time of year!

You can keep the lights shining this year by helping The Winterhaven Festival and the local Community Food Bank by making a donation today.

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