Are You Doing 10 Things? Remember… It’s Easy To Be Green

Who’s Green? believes that you can’t be reminded enough some of the simple ways each of us can make a difference to our planet and to our everyday lives.  Life gets busy, so we hope this list will give you a little extra boost to take care of our planet and ourselves.

1.  Harvest and conserve water

Who’s Green has a great blog on how you can get started. Just search “Water Harvesting.”

2. Use the sun’s energy

Maybe try hanging your laundry to dry in the sun a few days a week.

Eat local and native foods

Visit a farmers market or shop a locally owned market

Work outdoors with neighbors

Organize a neighborhood improvement project. Maybe plant a community garden or plant trees.

Ride bicycle or walk to work or school

If biking or walking isn’t an easy option, take public transit if your destination is further or you are physically challenged.

Plant A Food Bearing Tree

Have a neighborhood party and it’s fun to dig with friends and throw a party when the tree is planted.

Save food scraps and compost with worms

Build a simple home made “worm farm.”

Grow food in home garden or community garden

Educate yourself about sustainability?Potlucks are a wonderful way to share books, DVD’s, videos, and ideas with each other. Why not start a group in your neighborhood?

Become an entrepreneur in the growing sustainable economy

Identify your own art/passion/potential product or service and begin a new career in sustainability and help the planet too.

Do you have any easy ideas to share? Please post in the comments section below!

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