Throw A Eco-Friendly Baby Shower! Here Are Some Ideas

Living green is in! Why not throw a green baby shower for that special mom-to-be—or request that your shower be eco-friendly?

Here are some of her planet-saving tips for welcoming a new life into the world with panache:

* To reduce waste, use ceramic dishes, drinking glasses, silverware, and linens, instead of opting for disposables.

* Visit your local farmers’ market to source for fresh organic foods, organic flowers, and even organic vino, if it’s available.

*Use recycled, biodegradable place-setting decorations. Try  using locally grown wheatgrass, then nestle in each pot a plantable card that guests could take home and grow in their gardens.

* Find alternatives to wrapping paper: You can wrap your present in a baby blanket, which becomes part of the gift. Or secure a cloth diaper around your gift and then secure the package with reusable diaper pins.

* Use recycled paper for the invitation with non-toxic dyes. Send an invitation that doesn’t need an envelope to cut down on paper use.

* Choose finger food for the baby shower that can be served at room temperature. This will keep you from having to heat or cool foods with appliances that use energy.

* Why buy balloons or other party decorations that will go straight to a landfill? Decorate using organic flowers also located at your local farmers market.

Eco Friendly Baby Gifts- Here are some fun gift giving ideas

1.    Moby Wrap Baby Carrier: This wrap is perfect for carrying newborns. It is the most comfortable baby wearing apparatus, and it keeps the baby snugly held against your body and protected from curious strangers and their germs. It is made from a large piece of stretch cotton and can be used as a blanket as well as a wrap.

2.    California Baby Shampoo and Bodywash: This all natural, SLS-free baby soap is perfect for a newborn’s first bath. It is so gentle and safe, and it will not irritate eczema and cradle crap.

3.    Under the Nile Organic Cotton Veggies and Fruit: These fair trade teething toys are safe for little ones to gnaw away at during the painful months of teething.

4.    Adiri Natural Nurser Baby Bottles: Even breastfeeding parents find the need to use a bottle at times, whether filled with formula or pumped breastmilk. Nipple confusion and BPA is a concern, as parents don’t want their child to forget how to breastfeed or be exposed to harmful chemicals. The Adiri Natural Nurser Bottle Set solves these problems by providing parents with BPA-free peace of mind, in addition to unique nipple design that mimics a mother’s breast.

5.    Baby Bjorn Carrier: This is a great carrier for shopping.

6.    Organic Cotton Ergo Baby Carrier: The Ergo Carrier is the most comfortable for carrying larger children, even toddlers. It is a favorite amongst moms for shopping and hiking.

7.    Under the Nile Organic Cotton Skull Caps: You can never have too many hats for a newborn. Even in warm weather, it is important to cover a newborn’s head, as infants have trouble regulating their body temperatures. Going from indoor controlled air temperatures to outside requires infants’ heads to be covered.

8.    Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Sippy Cup: Most people do not think beyond the infant stage when giving baby shower gifts. New parents are inundated with gifts that children quickly outgrow. The Klean Kanteen Sippy Cup is a great transitional cup once a child moves away from the breast and/or bottle.

9.   Born Free Baby Bottle and Sippy Cup: Born Free is the first plastic cups and bottles were BPA-free.

List courtesy of Eco Childs Play

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