Pledge To Cut Your Water Footprint

Did you know that the average American lifestyle is kept afloat by nearly 2,000 gallons of water a day?

This is double the global average. Most of your daily water consumption is consumed without you even realizing it – 95% is hidden in the food you eat, energy you use, products you buy and services you rely on.

How can you decrease this huge waste of water? Pledge to decrease your water footprint!

The National Geographic came up with a water consumption calculator for people to take, then pledge at the end to decrease their water consumption by specific amounts.

How does it work? The calculator asks a number of questions pertaining to your home and lifestyle. Some of the questions include:

•    What year was your home built?

•    How many showers do you take a week, and for how long?

•    How much pork, chicken, milk and coffee do you consume per day?

•    What is the fuel efficiency of the car you drive, in miles per gallon?

•    How much do you spend on clothes and shoes, including jeans, T-shirts and running shoes, suits and dress shoes?

To figure out how much water you consume, and to pledge to decrease, go to the National Geographic’s Water Footprint Calculator

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