Grab Your Bike and Enjoy the Outdoors!

Who’s Green? is an advocate of enjoying the outdoors. As part of an environmentally friendly lifestyle, we like to show you ways in which you can enjoy nature and all that it has to offer.

This week we’d like to explore the sport of Cycling. Cycling is a fun activity that is especially enjoyed by everyone of every age. It is a fantastic workout that not only enables you to derive pleasure, but also goes a long way in ensuring your overall fitness.  It can be enjoyed with family members, friends, or part of a cycling club. Cycling is also one of the most effective exercises to shed off those extra calories and get rid of flabby abs. Even a small amount of cycling would be good enough to boost your metabolism level, thereby fastening your weight loss program. It helps to improve the overall balance and coordination. Cycling paves a way for maintaining health and fitness, and can also help in leading a healthier, peaceful life. So, cycle off your weight and tensions and you’ll be on your way to a happier, healthy life.

Try cycling to the nearest farmers market this weekend. It is a great way to enjoy nature along with keeping fit and supporting your local farmers. What a great combination!

So go out this weekend and enjoy!

For your convenience we have listed a simple beginners guide to cycling.

The Gear:

•    Bike: What is the best bike to buy for cycling? Go to your local bike store and have a chat to them, explain your budget and what you’ll be using the bike for and they will point you in the right direction.
•    Helmet: Don’t ever ride without one. Not only is wearing a helmet crucial for your safety but you can also make it a fashion statement. Make sure it fits well.
•    Water sipper: Keeping hydrated while riding is greatly important. Get a sipper with a cage that attaches to your bikes down-tube.
•    Pump: A portable pump in case you get a flat or a slow leak; Saves you from a long walk back home.
•    Cycling Gloves: They are padded to absorb shock from the handle bars and prevent your hands from going numb, they also protect your hands in case of an accident.
•    Glasses: They keep bugs and road debris out of your eyes, also blocking out UV light.
•    Lights: If you’re riding at night or in low light situation then a good set of bike lights is a must.
•    Clothing: Wear what feels comfortable. Just as long it gives you room to move and that you don’t get too hot. It should be thin, light, flexible, and sweat absorbing.


•    Make sure that tires are inflated, the chain hasn’t slipped, brakes and gears are operating properly, etc.
•    When riding on the street, ride with the flow of traffic.
•    Obey stop signs, traffic lights and other traffic signs just as cars do.
•    When riding as a group, stay in a single-file line and leave a bike length between each rider.
•    Limit bicycling to daylight hours, especially with children.
•    Stay alert.


•    Always clean the chain as a dirty chain leads to friction.
•    Lubricate chain and wipe off excess lubricant to reduce friction so that you can pedal easily.
•    Check and adjust tire pressure. Inappropriate tire pressure will lead to deformation of the wheels.
•    Brakes are extremely important while cycling. Always adjust the brake to maximum efficiency so that you can easily brake and avoid danger.
•    Another important component that aids in braking is the braking cable. Always lubricate the cable to enhance your braking.
•    Make sure none of the bolts are loose especially the one that attach wheels to the cycle body.
•    Check wheels for alignment. A cycle which is out of alignment will lose control at a high speed.
•    Clean the entire bike regularly.

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