Did You Know Ketchup Could Do This?

Who doesn’t love a little dab of ketchup on their grass-fed hamburger patty or alongside their French fries? It’s one of America’s favorite condiments. As you know, Who’s Green? gave you some alternative uses for Mustard, now we found some alternative uses for its best friend Ketchup.

Check out these great alternative uses,  which will save you money and the environment too.

Restore chlorine-damaged hair

Chlorine from the swimming pool can turn blond hair green or give your hair a distinct smell. The household solution is quite simple: a ketchup shampoo! It’s  a great non-toxic and gentle option.???Do this in the shower, as it can get quite messy: massage ketchup into our hair and leave it for about fifteen minutes, then wash thoroughly. Make sure to wash ketchup out with a gentle baby shampoo. Chlorine can still strip the oils out of your hair, so make sure to condition after you get rid of the ketchup and chlorine. You’ll be surprised, the green color and chlorine smell are gone.

Brighten copper pots and pans

When your copper pots and pans get tarnished and dull, don’t reach for expensive chemicals. Simply rub ketchup and a pinch of salt onto the copper surface and let sit for about 30 minutes. Rinse and dry for gleaming copper pots. Try it copper pots that need to be shined up. It is also a safe enough cleaning aid to get your children involved .

Brighten silver jewelry

If you have silver ring, earrings, necklace or bracelet that has gotten a little dull over the years, simply dab some ketchup on it for a few minutes. If it has detailed surface, you may have to use a toothbrush to make sure the ketchup gets into the little crevices. Rinse with water to reveal a shiny silver jewelry. Ketchup is a great copper and silver cleaner because of the acidity of the vinegar. You can also use it on brass, such as many types of cabinet handles.

Get rid of skunk odor

If you’ve been skunked, here’s an easy way to get rid of that terrible skunk odor: soak your clothes in tomato juice or a solution of ketchup and water. Beware of stains – you don’t want to trade a smelly shirt for one with a ketchup stain! It works on pets too!

Fix a scratch on a DVD or CD

If you have a scratch on a CD or DVD, try using ketchup to polish the scratch out. Ketchup is much gentler than other homemade polishers such as toothpaste and it doesn’t leave any residue when wiped off.

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