Gabrielle Giffords- Our Champion For Environmental Causes

January 8, 2011 will be a day that most of us will never forget. The appalling acts of violence against Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, her staff and innocent bystanders was a horrific act of violence. As we keep Giffords in our thoughts, we would like to honor her for her genuine commitment to environmental issues.

Giffords passion has long been solar power. She has continued to fight for clean energy policy, even when it wasn’t the most popular thing to do. She supported clean energy legislation, and argued that subsidies to the oil industry ought to be repealed, and redirected to clean energy research. She introduced the Solar Technology Roadmap Act, which according to Politico, dedicated “$2 billion to new research partnerships and demonstration projects for solar energy technologies.” It easily passed the house.

Morning Energy notes her dedication to renewable energy has been a trademark of her entire career: “Giffords has been a vocal supporter of the solar industry, as well as renewable energy as a whole, for her entire congressional career. She used her inaugural floor speech after she was elected for the first time in 2006 to call for the repeal of billions in tax incentives for oil companies in favor of renewable energy subsidies and the founding of a Strategic Renewable Energy Reserve.”

In addition, Giffords’ is well respected among nonprofits. A statement made by Michael Brune, Sierra Club executive director:

“Congresswoman Giffords has long been a hero to Sierra Club members and supporters in Arizona for her courageous defense of the state’s beautiful landscapes and her tireless efforts to ensure our nation’s energy independence, clean air and water….Yesterday’s unspeakable act of violence is a reminder of the foundational importance of civil discourse to American democracy, and what can happen when that principle is upended.”

We salute Giffords’ and her remarkable job in helping our nation move towards a brighter, cleaner energy future. Here’s to hoping she makes a full recovery — we wish her and her family all the best.

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