Swell Bottles

S’well bottles are a great green gift for everyone on your holiday shopping list. The unique double-walled construction keeps drinks cold for 12 hours, even in hot Arizona conditions and also keeps drinks hot well into the chilly winter evenings.

•    S’well bottles merge style and function with environmental and social consciousness. Through a year-long design process involving hundreds of prototypes and dozens of focus groups, the S’well bottle was born.

•    The shape of the S’well bottle has been designed to fit ergonomically into each customer’s hand, bag and car cup holder. The first-edition S’well bottle is engraved with the S’well motto and has a space on the bottom for personalization for each user’s name or initials.

•    An estimated 50 billion plastic bottles of water are consumed each year in the US and over 200 billion bottles globally, not for purity sake, but for convenience and portability.

•    Even in this era of conservation of resources, less than 20% of these plastic, disposable water bottles are recycled.

Water is essential for life, but one billion people, one sixth of the world’s population, do not have safe access to it. To address this crisis, for every S’well bottle sold, 10% percent of the proceeds are donated to WaterAid, a non-profit organization that for the past 30 years has been working to deliver water solutions to world’s poorest communities. Every bottle sold provides almost a year supply of water for someone in need, and every five bottles sold provides a lifetime supply.

Order today for everyone on your shopping list and use the code SwellPals at checkout for 10% off.

Visit their website for more information and ordering your Swell Bottle today: Swell.com

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