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Who doesn’t love the look of a smoother and more colorful complexion? For centuries people have been making their own concoctions with simple ingredients found in nature. Though creative methods have changed over time, the desire to improve our looks certainly hasn’t.

Today, mineral based cosmetic lines are popular because they offer a more natural look. But they can’t offer 100% natural ingredients to go with it.  This fact, plus the usual hefty price tag they carry, can be good motivation for mixing up some of your own.

Making your own cosmetics from 100% pure and natural ingredients gives you a safe and affordable alternative to commercial brands, and the simple satisfaction of having made it yourself.

Try these easy recipes below and whip up some of your very own foundation and blush.

Foundation Powder


3 tbsp. rice powder
½ cup orris root powder
1 ½ cup dried lavender flowers


Step 1.  Combine all ingredients. Pour mixture into a jar, being sure to seal tightly. Shake well and store in a dark, cool and dry place.

Step 2.  Shake every day, either once daily for two weeks or twice daily for one week.

Step 3.  Sift contents into a small cosmetic container with a matching lid. (Be careful not to crush the lavender flowers which add fragrance)

Step 4:  Label and date your container. Replace this recipe within three months due to no added preservatives.

OPTIONAL: Mix equal parts moisturizer with powder to create a liquid foundation.

A Few Added Tips:

•    Use a small glass jar with a lid for your cosmetic container.
•    For a sheer look, apply with a soft cosmetic brush. For more coverage, try a velvet puff.
•    Test for any allergic reactions by placing a small amount of mixture on your forearm and leaving overnight. (This applies to both recipes found here)

Mineral Blush


½ tsp. Titanium Dioxide
½ tsp. Zinc Oxide
½ tsp. Boran Nitride
¼ tsp. Yellow Oxide
1/16 tsp. Red Oxide #150
1 tsp. Facial Silk
2 tsp. Pink Mica
2tbsp. White Matte Mica
Mortar & Pestle


Step 1:  Mix ingredients in one at a time, blending completely. Add oxides one pinch at a time, because they create the color, and you’ll need to carefully tweak this as you go in order to match your skin tone.

Step 2:  Continue to thoroughly blend for at least three minutes to ensure full ingredient distribution.

Step 3:  Pour the mixture into a small jar (a sifter jar works well), seal with a lid and label.

A Few Added Tips:

•    Add one or two drops of an essential oil for a light scent.
•    Try silica instead of sericite for a smoother powder, which helps diminish fine lines.
•    A food processor can be used to blend ingredients, however make sure to use exclusively for makeup.

Making your own cosmetics can be simple and rewarding, plus you know exactly what you are putting on your face. Many of these ingredients can be found online or your neighborhood cosmetic store. We found this website to not only carry the ingredients, but to also provide many additional recipes.

Do you have any makeup recipes you would like to share? Tell us!

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