Organic Bean Salad- The Perfect Picnic Recipe

What You’ll Need~

1/2 cup Organic Virgin Olive Oil

1/3 cup Organic Apple Cider Vinegar


Herbamare (sea salt)


1/4 green pepper

1/4 red pepper

1 chopped organic celery stalk

1/4 large onion chopped

1/4 cup sliced black olives (optional)

1 inch feta cheese crumpled (optional)

1 can of mixed organic beans

What To Do~

Step 1. Drain and rinse the mixed beans. Place in a medium sized bowl.

Step 2. Add the chopped peppers, onion and celery to the bowl.

Step 3. Pour the Olive Oil over the contents of the bowl. Then add the Apple Cider Vinegar. (The oil is added first or the vinegar just pools on the bottom.)

Step 4. Season to taste.

Step 5. Add the optional black olives and feta cheese.

Step 6. Mix. Let sit 10 minutes before serving for enhanced flavor.


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