Made to Crave, LLC

Made to Crave is a Tucson based, gluten free bakery.  Many products are centered on Certified Gluten Free Oats, whereby increasing the “heart healthy” and whole grain options missing in the average gluten free diet. Best part is that no one will know that these are gluten free! Many products are also corn free, dairy free, soy free and egg free. Chewy granola style oatmeal bars, crunchy granola’s as well as oatmeal bar mixes are available online at and numerous retailers in Tucson

In addition, Made to Crave is doing our part to help the planet. Our website is Green Certified by CO2Stats. This is a program that purchases renewable energy to neutralize the carbon emissions due to the electricity to support the computers that run and visit our website.  We also utilize biodegradable / compostable packaging when feasible, shop from local producers like Green Valley Pecan and use only unbleached, non chlorine parchment paper in all of our baking.

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