A New Room Just Outside Your Door!

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. Why stay cooped up inside when you can extend the livable portion of your property by creating outdoor living spaces? By spending more time outdoors, we can turn off the TV, and instead, enjoy fresh air and the beauty that surrounds us.

We take for granted that our homes are divided into rooms, but the concept of having similar “outdoor living spaces” may sound odd, at first. Indeed, the biggest obstacle standing in most people’s way is that it just doesn’t occur to them to divide up a yard so as to maximize their enjoyment of it. Yet the more conscious we become of outdoor living spaces, the more we can tailor them to suit our needs.

There are a number of ways you can enjoy your outdoor space, conserve energy and enjoy nature. Here are some suggestions:

•    Place your table underneath a big tree for added shade.

•    Install fans underneath your porch to create a nice breeze and circulate the air.

•    Invest in an Awning. They keep your energy costs down by blocking the sun’s heat in warmer months. The American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers shows that an awning can reduce heat gain by  55 to 65 percent on southern-facing windows and 72 to 77 percent on western exposures.

•    Candles are terrific for natural lighting but they also create a nice mood for your outdoor experience.

•    Instead of using your nice dishes, choose instead recycled table ware- glasses and utensils. They can also be used for picnics and camping this summer. They are easily found at your local Patio Furniture store.

•    Invest is a large outdoor umbrella. They not only keep you cool, but with  fabrics like “Sunbrella”, it can help resist some of the sun’s  harmful effects. Sunbrella fabrics have been proven to provide up to 98 percent protection After passing rigorous testing, Sunbrella fabrics earned the “Seal of Recommendation” by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

•    Make use of natural cooling. When the house gets too warm in summer, simply move outdoors to one of the several small open-air rooms you have created to expand your living space.

•    Don’t go out and buy new patio furniture. In some occasions it can be repaired. Local stores like Patio Connection provide re-slinging and re-strapping services.

•    Create an all-new look with your existing furniture with a simple addition of new cushions. Don’t forget to donate your old ones!

•    Add a water feature. They add a great calming affect after a stressful day.

•    Get some paving to create an easy to maintain garden.

•     Add some garden lighting so you can enjoy the space by day and by night.

•     Add a garden shed or greenhouse to keep all your garden tools tidy.

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