Quench Your Thirst Eco Style

water bottles_2

Why not try and have a little fun while you’re helping to save the planet?  Toss aside those everlasting, environmentally menacing  plastic water bottles and pick yourself up a reusable, 100% recyclable stainless steel one that has a bit of style.  You can make a personal statement while you’re making a social one.

Finding something around town to “express yourself” won‘t be difficult.  Along with a variety of colors, we’ve come across an assortment of designs that should cover just about everyone’s taste.  A small sampling includes dancing hippy chicks, skulls, sexy stilettos, astrological signs, camouflage, farm animals, leopard prints and of course a myriad of green symbols and slogans.  If straight up plain stainless steel is your thing, there’s plenty of that too. The prices generally fall somewhere in the range between $4.99 and $24.99. If  you’re looking to stay on the lower end of the scale you can find a good selection in some of the discount stores like T.J. Maxx, HomeGoods or Ross. Some Mid-range bottles can be found anywhere from Bookmans to your neighborhood Starbucks.  If you prefer the convenience of shopping online you can checkout www.envirosaxx.com.  Pick one up and show a little “green attitude”.

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