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We know. You resolved this year to take better care of yourself, (we did too). You told yourself you were going to eat healthier foods and put the fork down sooner.  Oh, and you were going to be greener while doing it, (no pressure there).

Most likely you ran to the obvious first choice, nibbling carrot sticks, eating simple salads etc..  Of course there isn’t anything wrong with these nutritious foods, they just weren’t doing it for your taste buds and you got bored with them.  Maybe you tried the old “I’m going to invest in healthier cooking“.  This really is a good idea, but only for people who (1) enjoy cooking and (2) have the time to do it. But what if you’re short on time and no Martha Stewart?

Well try adding this simple, tasty idea into your eating routine.  We like it because it can be tweaked to suit your particular tastes. As always we recommend fresh and organic ingredients, so be sure to check our “In Season” section as well as our listings of local farmer’s markets.

Start using this recipe for a satisfying snack, instead of chips, or turn it into a complete, yummy meal.

Basic ingredients: cooked whole grain pasta, olive or grape seed oil, parmesan cheese, basil, garlic powder

Make it a snack

Step 1.  Lightly coat desired amount of pasta (cut that in half) with oil. Go easy here, you don’t want it pooling up at the bottom of the dish.
Step 2. Add basil and garlic powder to desired taste.
Step 3.  Heat in microwave oven or pan.
Step 4. Sprinkle lightly with  parmesan cheese.

Make it a meal

Step 1. Add either cooked and peeled shrimp or cooked chicken breast cut into smaller pieces after step 1. above.  Be sure and add enough oil to coat additional ingredients lightly.

Step 2.    Add fresh chopped tomatoes or fresh chopped spinach leaves after step 3. above (a variety of veggies can be used-check seasonal).  Use veggies liberally for better health points.

Extra tip: Cook extra pasta and store it in the fridge so it can be grabbed easily when snack time hits.

Visit your local Farmers Market. We bet you will find yummy ways to dress this up. Here is a list of the Farmers Markets in Tucson and Southern Arizona:

Please share your healthy tips with us. We would love to post it on our website!

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